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Focus and Scope. FQS is a peer-reviewed multilingual open-access journal for qualitative research, established in 1999. FQS is interested in empirical studies conducted using qualitative methods, and in contributions that deal with the theory, methodology and application of qualitative research. Innovative ways of thinking, writing, researching and presenting are especially welcome.

He wasn’t the first such dissident academic, and he won’t be. multiculturalism have not been published in peer-reviewed or.

Apr 11, 2019  · Subject guide for Sociology. Definition of an empirical study: An empirical research article reports the results of a study that uses data derived from actual observation or experimentation. Empirical research articles are examples of primary research.

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Access to an extensive archive of journals in 30 subject disciplines in the Arts and Sciences, including classical studies, ecology, economics, history, language and literature, mathematics, music, the history and study of art and architecture, cultural studies, film, folklore, performing arts, philosophy, political science, sociology, and religion.

The Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT) is a premier journal series for research relevant to the post-PC era. Computing technology is becoming increasingly pervasive; embedded throughout the environment as well as in mobile devices, wearables, and the Internet of Things.

Photograph: Kheng Ho Toh/Alamy An academic journal has retracted dozens of articles and apologised to readers after falling victim to what it described as a “peer review ring” that appears to have.

saying that they cannot use colleagues from Huawei as reviewers or editors for the peer-review process of their journals.

offer a greater coverage of sociology in Bangladesh and works done by Bangladeshi sociologists, the Society presents research papers and articles, including the previously published ones, in this web page for its international readers, who may not otherwise have access to these papers and articles.

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Provides users access to over half a century of art literature covering fine, decorative, and commercial art. Content includes high-quality indexing of nearly 600 publications, many of which are peer-reviewed, and citations of over 25,000 book reviews.

American Journal of Sociological Research. American Journal of Sociological Research is a peer-reviewed journal which gets an international referee board, mainly embodied from each individually expert professional on the social research fields.

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Academic Search Complete – EBSCOHost Covers many subject areas, great place to start.; CINAHL Complete – EBSCOHost The comprehensive source of full-text for nursing & allied health journals, providing full text for more than 1,300 journals indexed in CINAHL.

In academic circles, and sometimes beyond, each retraction is a big deal. Now comes word of a journal retracting 60 articles at once. The reason for the mass retraction is mind-blowing: A “peer review.

Ledger, a new peer-reviewed. journal will consider submissions after that date for subsequent issues on an ongoing basis. “I wanted to build an academic and interdisciplinary communication channel.

Dreaming is a multidisciplinary journal, the only professional journal devoted specifically to dreaming. The journal publishes scholarly articles related to dreaming from any discipline and viewpoint. This includes. biological aspects of dreaming and sleep/dream laboratory research

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As patient review in academic journals is new, in 2017, Research Involvement and Engagement and The BMJ partnered up to find out how patients involved in peer review in these two journals found the.

But what happens when academic. speaking to the Daily Dot by email. “You want an outside expert to kick the tires on a study, beat it up a bit, to improve it. If a journal claims that the papers it.

Academic anthropological knowledge is the product of lengthy research, and is published in recognized peer-reviewed academic journals.As part of this peer review, theories and reports are rigorously and comparatively tested before publication.

Oct 03, 2013  · In 2011, after having read several really bad papers in the journal Science, I decided to explore just how slipshod their peer-review process is.I knew that their business depends on publishing “sexy” papers. So I created a manuscript that claimed something extraordinary – that I’d discovered a species of bacteria that uses arsenic in its DNA instead of phosphorus.

Jan 19, 2017  · In her book, How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgment, Michèle Lamont opens by noting that “ ‘excellence’ is the holy grail of academic life” (Lamont, 2009, 1.

E2020 Physical Science Catalists Researchers have shown that a newly engineered catalyst made of gold nanoparticles supported on a metal oxide framework shows breakdown of ammonia impurities in air, with excellent selectivity for. The funding was provided by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), in collaboration with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the Medical.

saying that they cannot use colleagues from Huawei as reviewers or editors for the peer-review process of their journals.

To increase transparency in science, some scholarly journals are publishing peer review reports. But it is unclear how this practice affects the peer review process. Here, we examine the effect of.

As Björk and Solomon explain in their recent study of the publishing delays in scholarly journals, “Publishing in scholarly peer reviewed journals usually entails long delays from submission to.

Ledger, the first ever peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to cryptocurrencies such as a. communication channel that would allow bright minds in economics, sociology, physics, law and political.

The study has not yet been peer-reviewed, according to the report, or been published, but it is available online through a.

1. Introduction. Scandinavian data suggest that there has been an IQ decline in some advanced nations and that it began about 1995. The US is of interest because it.

For now, it remains unlikely that the American Sociological. academic emperors—the ones who supposedly have the most to say about these crucial topics—have no clothes. * This article originally.

a journal dedicated to gender theory. One academic who peer-reviewed the paper said, "I can imagine this article being.

If you asked a commercial academic publisher what services they offer in exchange for their extortionate journal subscription rates, their reply would include a short list with administration of the.

Internationally, the academic world has seen a spike in the number of predatory journals. These journals lure academics—often junior researchers—into paying to publish their findings in journals that.

So let’s take a tour of milestones in journal peer review research. The first I’ve found was when Dorris West Goodrich was a new academic editor at the American Sociological Review. She reported on.

Free access full-text journals. This is a selected list of journals where the full text of their articles are freely available to all via the Web (in some cases the most recent numbers of the journals are only available to subscribers).

Academy of Management Annals – Publishes critical and potentially provocative research reviews written by leading scholars exploring an assortment of research topics.; Academy of Management Discoveries – Publishes interesting and important empirical research about poorly-understood phenomena that advances our understanding of management and organizations.

British Journal of Educational Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal of educational studies established in 1952. The journal is published by Taylor & Francis on behalf of the Society for Educational Studies.The editor-in-chief is James Arthur (University of Birmingham). Abstracting and indexing. The journal is indexed and abstracted in:

Hundreds of journals in the humanities, language, education, political science, history, and business

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that the academic journal had retracted 60 “scholarly” papers after discovering a “peer review ring” that had rigged the vetting process designed to insure.