Axminster Apf 10 Evolution Powered Respirator

Evolution APF10 Powered Respirator. By Rob Stoakley. 14.12.2015. First Look. Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator. £229.96. View Product. By Rob Stoakley. 14.12.2015. I own the JSP Powercap Active IP and the Evolution APF10 seems to be the Axminster-branded version of it. I can heartily recommend it!

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Supplied with an 8-hour battery, plus charger, two filters, a flow-rate meter and complete instructions all within a strong storage box. To extend the life of your respirator we recommend Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator Pre-Filter Pad (Pkt 10) (101850) and Axminster APF 10 Evolution Respirator Peel Off Visor Overlay (Pkt 10) (101844).

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These pre-filters for the Evolution Powered Respirator fit onto the main filter. They will greatly extend the useful life of the main filter by removing larger particles of dust contamination before the air passes through the main filter. Supplied as a pa

The Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator is very comfortable to wear. Size adjustment is a small buckle at the back of the cap which is easily adjusted for a comfortable fit. It is also very light with the low overall weight of 680g, which means it does not restrict your head movements.

Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator I bought one of these at the start of the year and thought people might like to know a little more about it.

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Our woodworker’s smock is perfect for professional and passionate amateur turners. Using the experience of our tutors in the Axminster Skill Centre and listening to feedback from customers, we have incorporated details, insights and features direct from the lathe front.

*Filters: EN 12941:1998 Powered filtering device with helmet / hood TH – turbo hood 1, 2 or 3 – inward leakage class (10%, 2% or 0.2%) P – for use against particles + S or SL -.

This item Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator. JSP Powercap Filter cartridges. Force 8 Half Mask Respirator Complete with PressToCheck P3 Filters #1 Best Seller Powercap Pre-Filter Pads (PK10) Powercap Active 8hr Multi Plug Black. 3M Reusable Full.

Nov 28, 2016  · I received a quote from Axminster overnight. My quote request included: 1 AFP-10 Evolution Powered Respirator 1 Spares Pack (one pair of filter cartridges, ten prefilter pads, 10 peel-off visor overlays) 1 pack of 10 prefilter pads Including shipping to Arkansas, at today’s exchange rate the total quote is $348.62. Not bad at all!

*Filters: EN 12941:1998 Powered filtering device with helmet / hood TH – turbo hood 1, 2 or 3 – inward leakage class (10%, 2% or 0.2%) P – for use against particles + S or SL -.

Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator is guaranteed for a period of 1 year from date of purchase against mechanical or electrical defects.